VuScape - modular and scalable range of controllers from VuWall for complex visualization in critical applications

VuScape is a video wall controller for small to large scale video walls and single or multi-display projections. VuScape is based on a PCI - Express architecture and offers a powerful backbone to show many signals and data uncompressed and in full frame rate simultaneously.

The controller is based on a quad-core Intel CPU system that runs by default on a Windows operating system and guarantees to run any Windows application. Thanks to the multi-screen capability, any desktop wall configuration can be generated. These desktop surfaces can then be connected to show inputs, network signals or standard Windows applications simultaneously on a video wall. This opens a virtual unlimited number of configurations from a single controller.

The main benefits of VuScape are:

• Pixel space (Up to 64x inputs and outputs)
• Resolution of up to 3840x2160 per input and output
• Synchronized outputs
• Multiple formats of inputs available
• 24-bit true color image processing at full frame rate
• HDCP support
• Support for standard Windows applications
• Decoding of IP streams through IP decoding boards or software decoding

The controllers of the German company VuWall are now available in Romania through ELTEK.


VuWall VuScape Videowall controllers


Utility control room
Transport control room
Security operation center / SOC
Monitoring rooms
Communications operation center / NOC
Control room
Mobile operation center, emergency situations
Trading room
Production, industry operation center
Services operation center

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