Over 20 years of experience

As a part of the AVITECH Group, having over 20 years of activity in A/V systems integration, IT & Communications, automation and electrical installations, our team has a vast experience acquired from equipment installation and configuration in over 2000 meetings, conference rooms, showrooms or stores. The equipment is provided from the majority of significant manufacturers, a fact that gives us flexibility in choosing solutions and customizing them depending on the clients' needs, without being bound to use a certain type of technology.
ELTEK provides consultancy, compilation of feasibility studies, projects and tender books for tenders with a view to the performance of investments, arrangements and fittings with A/V systems and equipment, as well as for their integration with the building's existing installations.


Technical skills and experience

By means of its own team of engineers, ELTEK provides its clients with design services for Audio, Video systems, Technical lighting, Automation, IT & Communications Infrastructures, sound studies and lighting designs, directly or by means of architecture and design studios.
For certain types of objectives - conference rooms and centres, theatres, cinemas, show rooms, culture houses, polyvalent rooms, sports venues, showrooms, exhibition areas, museums, command and control centres, dispatchers and data centres, our company has the skills, experience and capacity to take on the general designer role, in partnership with other specialty designers and architects.


Over 2000 fitted and developed rooms

ELTEK has a large team of technicians and engineers with years of experience in A/V equipment installation and system configuration, trained and certified by the manufacturers. In addition to the technical skills acquired in the basic fields of A/V and IT & Communications, they also have a solid knowledge in mean and low voltage electrical installations, security, safety and automation.
Our installation and commissioning team includes technical personnel in the main regions and cities of the country: Bucharest-Ilfov, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Sibiu, Brașov, Iași, Galați, Constanța, Ploiești and Craiova, which gives us the ability to implement nationwide projects for clients having regional offices and places of business, as well as for banks, store networks, utilities and national industrial companies, governmental agencies and local administration units.


Dedicated teams for 24/7/365 operations

ELTEK clients permanently benefit from technical support, maintenance and repair, 24/7, anywhere in the country, by means of the teams in Bucharest-Ilfov and regional centres.
Our company has a national service dispatcher and an electrical repair laboratory in Bucharest-Ilfov.
Due to its extended operational capacity and technical skills acquired over time by using various equipment, ELTEK is able to undertake the maintenance and service of any type of system or equipment supplied by the global market's primary manufacturers.


A/V as a Service

The digitization and rapid transformation of the economy due to new technologies, the permanent need to collaborate beyond space and time, impose the use of certain means of communication, complex systems that require high ownership, operation, administration and maintenance costs, which, in the end, lead to the decrease of carefulness and efficiency as regards to the basic activity.
This is why ELTEK has established an infrastructure to serve its clients, which is based on call centre and CRM technologies from Cisco and Microsoft, and it has prepared a complete range of services in significant communication-related fields such as meetings and conferences, videoconference, digital signage and enterprise video. Thus, our clients use - without having to own - technologically advanced systems, and benefit from - without having to employ - qualified personnel that operate and maintain these systems.