Press release regarding the current situation

Letter to ELTEK Multimedia partners

During this period, we are in solidarity with the whole society and we offer our thanks to all those who contribute to limiting and preventing the infection with Coronavirus, to all the medical staff who make efforts to treat patients, but also to those who provide us with goods and services necessary for daily life.

We believe that together we will be able to overcome the difficult times we go through!

In this context, we want to inform all our partners that the activity of the companies from AVITECH Group continues at the same level of professionalism and we assure them that we comply with all the safety measures imposed by the Ministries of Health and Internal Affairs.

Our most important objectives are to protect our employees and to ensure continuity in providing services to our clients, anywhere in Romania, in order not to affect their good activity. We also assure all our partners that we make sustained efforts to respect the undertaken contracts and commitments, as we have succeeded in all those more than 20 years since the establishment, regardless of the difficult times we have gone through.

In order to prevent the spread of the new virus and to limit the effects of the epidemic on the current activity, we implemented several measures and an internal group was appointed responsible for closely monitoring the evolution of this crisis, both nationally and internationally, which constantly informs us about new prevention and protection measures that appear, but also regarding the problems that may arise in the supply chain with equipment and spare parts.

In the places where we provide services, our staff is equipped with specific protection means and they only access the workspaces where the hygiene norms specific to the current context are respected. Also, our intervention, installation or commissioning teams are predominantly made up of two people just to prevent the spread of infection. The personnel from the headquarters are continuing their work from home, for a period of at least two months. The managers of the departments travel twice a week to the headquarters, for discussions on the coordination of the activity, and this is done by respecting the hygiene measures corresponding to the workspaces in the crowded buildings. The entire activity is carried out with the help of Microsoft Office 365, Teams, Dynamics CRM solutions.

We are very concerned about our safety, but also about our partners safety, including the efficient transmission of accurate information. Until now, in our companies, there is no infected person or in quarantine.

We wish everyone a lot of health, power, to overcome all the difficulties together!

Andi Segal
CEO ELTEK Multimedia