Eugen Ionescu Cultural Centre from Slatina benefits of exceptional audio-video systems

AVITECH completed a complex project that included rehabilitation, development and equipping of the Eugen Ionescu Cultural Complex in Slatina with audio-video, IT&C and safety equipment.

Slatina City Hall started the ambitious project of building a complex cultural center within the facilities of former Alutus Cinema Hall after its takeover in 2007. The investment in modernizing and the actual works performance began in 2009. The new center is named after the famous writer and playwright Eugen Ionescu, born in Slatina on the 26th of November 1909. The City Hall chose to launch the Cultural Complex at the 20th edition of Eugen Ionescu Days Event, at exactly 101 years from the playwright’s birth.

The recently launched modern complex provides culture lovers and moviegoers from Slatina with a 148-seat multipurpose Theatre Hall equipped with conference systems, two 48-seat state-of-the-art 3D Cinema Halls, a literary café, a foyer, rehearsal and recreation rooms, dressing rooms, and costumes & set decorations storage room. All spaces were designed according to the latest trends in the industry.

As a general contractor, AVITECH managed and performed planning and design works, indoor and outdoor improvements and installations, and supplied all rooms with professional audio-video, IT&C and safety equipment, and specialized furniture.

Some of the equipment and systems dedicated to theatres and cinema halls that were provided by AVITECH are: staging technology (stage, lighting poles, and curtain), 3D cinema systems, digital projectors, digital servers, digital audio processors, projection screens, surround sound, professional lighting, acoustic treatments, and cinema and theatre furniture.

The solution provided included numerous complementary systems and pieces of equipment: voice/data and telephone networks, IT&C and conference systems for multifunctional rooms (integrated into the theatre hall), automation and control systems, security and fire detection systems, public address systems, indoor and outdoor digital signage networks, etc.

According to Mayor Darius Vâlcov, the project is "a work performed professionally, quickly, and that will endure over time at the high standard it was designed."

Eagerly expected by Slatina’s population, the complex opened its doors with great personalities of the Romanian theatre and film industry and numerous officials attending: actors Marcel Iureş and George Mihăiţă, Mayor Darius Vâlcov and many more. This project of creating culture and recreation facilities for the people of Slatina repositioned the city among Romania’s regional cultural centers.


Special reflexive projection screens
3D video projectors
Audio mixer
Desk light control
Specialized furniture for the theatre




Client Slatina City Hall
Location Slatina
Year 2012
Market Culture
Solutions Audio, Video, Cinema

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